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We make it personal

Scent is our most personal sense. NoOrdinaryScent™️ is a technological perfumery founded 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. We believe in you telling your story. Not the story of celebreties on billboards. Scent is extremely personal, but the mainstream perfumes on the market are not.
We're not Julia Roberts, are you?

Sandra Kinnmark, CO-FOUNDER

Innovation and creativity has always been the fuel for Sandras motivation. Pair that with a passion for all things scented and No Ordinary Scent was born.

Martin Johansson, CTO

Artificial Intelligence, bugs or system safety. There is no field Martin can't handle. Responsible for our growing tech team and the future of Scent technology, he's got a big part in shaping the future of No Ordinary Scent.

Amelie Saltin Thor, COO

Amelie's personal motto is "Carpe Diem" (yes we know...). However, without her "lets do things differently" mentality, she would probably still be in the London Fashion industry. Instead, she is the backbone of all our processes and structure.

Andrea Vestergren, Scent guide

Updated presentation is coming soon!

Agnes Bergling, Scent guide

Updated presentation is coming soon!

Marie Dahlgren, Project Manager

For Marie, perfume is an integral part of her personal style. She thrives on working quickly and efficiently. Whether it's meeting tight deadlines or tackling complex tasks, Marie is the productivity rock we all need. Daily.

Pontus Kinnmark, System developer

Pontus builds and iterate on our tech whenever he has time off from studying Computer Science at KTH. As a bonus, he is also a licensed psychologist and contributes with this perspective to No Ordinary Scent.


August makes your recipes come to life in the lab. Besides blending perfumes, he enjoys surfing, hiking and skiing!

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Welcome to the adventure of your life! Build history together with all of us at NoOrdinaryScent™️