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Frequently asked questions about our scents and technology.

During the 1,5h workshop, you will compose your personal 30 ml Eau de Parfum. With the assistance of the scent guide, you will explore our scentblends and learn how perfumers create scents. A truly personal experience. Please note that our workshops are very popular and slots are released roughly once a month. To ensure you do not miss a slot release, please sign up here to our newsletter.

Our workshop studio is located in Gamla Stan, Stockholm at Skomakargatan 32.

Due to the size of our studio, we can't host friends or parents who are not going to create a perfume. Many participants come alone to our workshops and often we are several wonderful people that creates perfume together.

That’s usually no problem. Contact us at

At the bottom of your booking confirmation from Boka Direkt, you will find the link to cancellation. Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If you have any issues cancelling your order please email

All our perfumes are crafted to be gender-neutral. The best way to know if a fragrance suits you is to smell it yourself and see if it vibes with your personality. Historically, scents weren't labeled as strictly for men or women anyway. And considering that perceptions of what's "masculine" or "feminine" vary worldwide, it doesn't make much sense to stick to those categories.

Our developing and renewal of our scent library are ongoing process to provide an experience of new, exciting, and creative scents to participants in our workshops. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you can recreate your perfume again with exactly the same blends, but definitely a similar one. Please email us at

We use a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients sourced from our supplier in Grasse. These raw materials are safe to use and adhere to current regulations. However some of them contain fragrance allergens, therefore, if you have a known allergy, please send us an email and we will guide you personally.

We use a combination of synthetic and natural raw materials.

No, we will never test anything on animals.

All personalized scents are blended in our laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Yes. We take your integrity seriously. Please read more about this in our privacy policy.


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